Shark diving Hawaii

Shark diving Hawaii?

Safely swim with sharks! A once-in-a-lifetime encounter!As featured on ESPN Outdoors and BBC Outdoors in England, North Shore Shark Adventures, Hawaii’s original shark tour company, provides an intimate and thrilling experience with Hawaii’s sharks.

Experience the thrill of an exhilarating up close shark encounter! Come witness the graceful power of these awe-inspiring creatures with Hawaii Shark Encounters, Oahu’s newest shark tour company!

Witness the curious Galapagos and Sandbar Sharks suddenly appear from the ocean depths as you climb into the Plexi-glass shark cage for a closer, underwater look! This large cage can accommodate up to six (6) people comfortably, and has built-in hand rails, a ladder, and 2-feet by 6-feet wide Plexi-glass viewing windows! The cage floats atop the water, and with your mask and snorkel, you will be able to view the sharks up close and underwater from the complete safety of the cage! There is just no better way to see these majestic creatures in their natural element!

Although sharks are indeed naturally dangerous, the amazing crew of Hawaii Shark Encounters apply years of knowledge and experience in order to provide you with a completely safe environment in which humans and sharks may be properly introduced! This tour brings you right out to the sharks in their native waters, allowing you to observe them on their turf while enjoying their power and grace “face to face!”

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